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We are proud to be a trusted partner for businesses in the region and focus on being the customer's best friend.
We strive to offer customized solutions that meet our customers' unique needs. Our goal is to be there for our customers when they need us most.

By choosing Underhållsteknik Nord AB, you not only gain access to leading expertise and extensive knowledge, but also a partner who prioritizes the success of your business. We are more than just a maintenance company - we are your best friend in maintaining and improving your business.



Our maintenance business has extensive experience in managing maintenance work in industry. We are proud to offer reliable services and high-quality products that support and optimize the operations of our customers in this sector.

With a solid background and in-depth knowledge of the field, you can rely on our team to deliver reliable solutions and efficient maintenance services that meet specific needs. Whether for machine maintenance, repairs or other technical services, we are ready to deliver results and support your industrial success.


Industrial relocation is the solution for those seeking to streamline production, install new machinery or create space for growth. Our expertise in industrial relocation ensures a smooth and efficient transition, whether it's relocating production facilities, installing advanced machinery or optimizing production space.

With a focus on accuracy and professionalism, we make sure that your business move goes smoothly, allowing you to focus on continuing to run your business with increased efficiency and capacity. Let us be your partner to ensure a seamless transition and enable successful development in your industry.


We are your partner when it comes to pallet racking solutions and offer most of the different systems available on the market. Our service ranges from dismantling your old pallet racks, installing new ones and inspecting them to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Whatever your specific needs or industry requirements, we are dedicated and ready to tailor solutions to optimize your warehouse management. With our expertise and quality assurance, you can rest assured that your pallet racks are both stable and efficient, enabling smooth and safe handling of your goods. Let us be your partner to maximize your warehouse efficiency and ensure reliable handling of your products.


Welcome to contact us at Service.
We are here to share and answer all your questions. Whether for new or ongoing projects, concerns or other matters, we look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about how we can support your business.

Supervisor & Mechanical Services
+4670 - 322 20 14



Comprehensiveness is the first of our core values and it comes first for us because we believe that a good Comprehensiveness makes it easier for everyone to make the right decisions. For us, our Holistic approach leads us to better understand our customers and the challenges we face together. This understanding of the whole, together with our extensive expertise and great commitment, means that we can help from many perspectives to provide the best and most complete solution possible. Therefore, we work actively to seek and spread Holistic Approach both within our own organization and together with our customers and partners in a larger We.


To us, humility means being soft in the face of fate. It means that you take what you are faced with in a soft way with humanity and respect and that you actively choose to focus on what you can change and contribute with.
We operate in a very changeable host, which requires a high degree of flexibility and willingness to change from us and those we work with. Having a humble attitude in everyday life is a success factor that helps us achieve our goals while doing so in a way that allows the people we work with to thrive and feel good.


We value competence highly and we work actively with learning organization and competence recruitment and development. We have our own internal apprenticeship programs and with the help of our core values and salary system, we create a culture where everyone should be both transmitter and receiver of knowledge and skills.
One strategy we have to ensure high competence in our projects is that everyone involved in our work has the required training for the actual performance of the work in the field. This applies to everyone from the sales organization to management and contractors, which creates a very high level of competence and understanding of what is needed for successful work and projects.


We reward commitment and strong motivation among our employees. We have high professional pride and we are very customer loyal, which in combination leads to good progress and cost-effective solutions for our customers and partners. In complicated situations and projects with many moving parts, we are a driving force thanks to our strong commitment and together with our holistic approach, we help create value in the projects we work in.


We operate both in industries that are changing and in industries that are currently being created.
That's why we consider Innovation to be a very valuable trait in our employees, as we need to be able to think outside the box in order to innovate.
We promote curiosity and an open mindset by encouraging creativity and innovation and we work every day with the Learning Organization at all levels of our company.