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We at Projekt & Partner work with the power of creating the best solution together with our customers and partners in a common We.

At the heart of our company is the drive to be part of the solution and that drive flows through all levels of the company.

Within our four areas: Heavy Handling - Mantinece - Logistic - Knowledge, we work as partners with our customers to create value, progress and the best overall solution for the customer.

For us, this means engaging with the customer's needs and being present with all the power and expertise needed to be part of the best solution.

We are local with headquarters in Skellefteå and we operate throughout Norrland and parts of Southern Sweden and Europe.



At UHT Knowledge we work in training, development and coaching, specializing in the functions of industries involved in the green transition in Europe.

Our aim is to help provide the skills needed throughout the chain of new industries from construction to start-up, maintenance and refurbishment.


With long experience and expertise, we can help you with logistics solutions and project management for optimization and efficiency. Our strength is project management and ensuring that the right solutions are implemented in the business. Together with our other departments, we can quickly go from idea to production.


Our heavy handling department includes experienced project managers, crane drivers, couplers, stackers and fitters. We provide trucks, cranes and other equipment for moving and installing heavy industrial equipment.


Our operation and maintenance services include preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, machine installation & machine relocation. We provide a quick and efficient response to any operational or technical problems, so that your business can continue as usual without unnecessary interruptions.


Welcome to contact us at Projekt & Partner!
We are here to share and answer all your questions. Whether for new or ongoing projects, concerns or other matters, we look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about how we can support your business.

Business Area Manager
+4670 - 620 90 18


HSEQ Manager & Controller
+4670 - 845 45 80


MSc & Project Manager
+4673 - 508 05 10


Team Leader Construction BSc
+4670 - 205 70 28

Business Area Manager


Gustav Zerpe is a dynamic individual with strong connections to Piteå where he lives and Skellefteå where he works as Business Area Manager. His professional life is characterized by technical solutions, leadership, strategic thinking and strong customer loyalty. In addition to his work, Gustav has a passion for floorball and children and youth sports.
and he finds joy in following the sport and its practitioners.

Gustav is also committed to promoting the personal development of others. Through his interest in people and their progress, he strives to make a positive impact in the lives and careers of others. Gustav is thus a very prominent and appreciated Business Area Manager among his employees and customers.

HSEQ Manager & Controller


Caroline Persson works with safety, quality, learning organization and management at department and company level. In addition to her professional commitment, her background as an elite athlete in Taekwondo has given her a unique perspective that she uses in her role at the company.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys exercising and crafting at home but she also has a strong adventurous spirit that loves to travel and discover new cultures and environments. She is a person who appreciates challenges and versatility and is driven and committed to what she does. She has a strong drive to add value and create development and
development, which she expresses in her everyday life.

MSc & Project Management


Simon Holmström is a skilled project manager with a degree in engineering. His professional life is characterized by effectively leading and driving projects towards success. Simon's ability to combine technical expertise with leadership skills has made him a respected figure in his field.

In addition to his professional involvement, Simon is active in the voluntary sector. He spends his free time being an inspirational leader for young athletes. Through his involvement as a coach and mentor, Simon makes a positive impact on the lives of young people. His passion for sport and willingness to share his knowledge makes him a valued member of the local community.

Simon Holmström is thus not only a competent project manager, but also a dedicated individual who invests time and energy in shaping a promising future for young people through his involvement in associations.

Team Leader Construction BSc


Peter Lundberg is an experienced engineer with a versatile background spanning mechanical and plant design. His area of expertise includes everything from detailed design to cost calculations for investment decisions in various mining facilities. With experience as a project manager and construction team leader, he drives and supervises various projects.

Peter has an extensive knowledge of Swedish and European regulations and industry standards that apply to facilities.

In his spare time, Peter shares his interest in motorcycles, and his travels often take him to both old and modern industries. He is a devoted family man who values time with his loved ones. With a passion for industrial challenges and a humility that permeates his work, Peter is a true "industry junkie" who is always ready to laugh.



The Jekko JF990 is the largest model in the JF series. With a capacity of 21,500 kg and a compact chassis, this crane is a winner.

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JF 545

Jekko JF545 is a compact crawler crane with outriggers. This model is a powerful and well thought-out solution that opens up new possibilities for different work areas.

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SPX 532

The Jekko SPX532 is one of the latest compact mini cranes. The Jekko SPX532 has a lifting capacity of 3.2 tons and a maximum lifting height of 17.3 meters.

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We customize and design lifting yokes according to specific needs and tasks. Our expertise in design and lifting technology ensures reliable and precision-made solutions.


Lifting height: 5m
Lifting capacity: 16.000kg
Height Stand: 4650 mm
Length forks: 2500 mm
Weight: 23 720 kg


Lifting height: 4m
Lifting capacity: 16.000kg
Height Stand: 5650 mm
Length forks: 2500 mm
Weight: 21 300 kg


Lifting height: 5m
Lifting capacity: 9,000kg
Weight: 15 420 kg


This is just a small selection of our machines. Contact us and we will tell you more about what we can offer.



Comprehensiveness is the first of our core values and it comes first for us because we believe that a good Comprehensiveness makes it easier for everyone to make the right decisions. For us, our Holistic approach leads us to better understand our customers and the challenges we face together. This understanding of the whole, together with our extensive expertise and great commitment, means that we can help from many perspectives to provide the best and most complete solution possible. Therefore, we work actively to seek and spread Holistic Approach both within our own organization and together with our customers and partners in a larger We.


To us, humility means being soft in the face of fate. It means that you take what you are faced with in a soft way with humanity and respect and that you actively choose to focus on what you can change and contribute with.
We operate in a very changeable host, which requires a high degree of flexibility and willingness to change from us and those we work with. Having a humble attitude in everyday life is a success factor that helps us achieve our goals while doing so in a way that allows the people we work with to thrive and feel good.


We value competence highly and we work actively with learning organization and competence recruitment and development. We have our own internal apprenticeship programs and with the help of our core values and salary system, we create a culture where everyone should be both transmitter and receiver of knowledge and skills.
One strategy we have to ensure high competence in our projects is that everyone involved in our work has the required training for the actual performance of the work in the field. This applies to everyone from the sales organization to management and contractors, which creates a very high level of competence and understanding of what is needed for successful work and projects.


We reward commitment and strong motivation among our employees. We have high professional pride and we are very customer loyal, which in combination leads to good progress and cost-effective solutions for our customers and partners. In complicated situations and projects with many moving parts, we are a driving force thanks to our strong commitment and together with our holistic approach, we help create value in the projects we work in.


We operate both in industries that are changing and in industries that are currently being created.
That's why we consider Innovation to be a very valuable trait in our employees, as we need to be able to think outside the box in order to innovate.
We promote curiosity and an open mindset by encouraging creativity and innovation and we work every day with the Learning Organization at all levels of our company.